Meadow Pipit and juvenile Cuckoo

Almost a year to the date when I first witnessed this activity (5th August 2019), I was once again witness to a Meadow Pipit feeding a juvenile Cuckoo. Not as close as last time and not as good light but you really can't be too choosy when blessed with these spectacles.




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  • What great photos, Bob. The M'ipit has done a great job raising that huge baby.


    Cin J

  • Wow Bob what an amazing series of photos, well done and thanks for sharing. M'pit must have a strangely wired brain that it does not recognise the size difference.


  • Fabulous series again Bob!
  • It is quite remarkable to see such a small bird using instinct to feed a needy chick and although its an amazing spectacle to see you can't help feeling sad for the pipit whose offspring have been ousted by the cuckoo. Great captures Bob showing the stranger side of nature which can be so bizarre at times.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Wow, such a moment to capture Bob.

    I feel for the meadow pipit, that must be one heck of a task feeding such a large bird.


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  • Fantastic shots, Bob. Amazing how a little Mipit can raise a monster sized Cuckoo. It looks big enough to eat its surrogate parent.



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  • Lovely to see, especially for the second year. There were cuckoos regularly during spring on one of my local moorland walks but not seen any youngsters. They must have been there somewhere but there's not much chance of coming across them unless they happen to perch near a path on the days I'm there.


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  • Blimey it is not what one sees very often Bob, well done, fantastic shots., makes me wonder how on earth the young cuckoo does survive with it's "mother" being so small, and unable surely to provide enough food to fill it's belly. Poor Pipit, I too feel sorry for it losing it's family, nature is odd with it's funny twists and turns.

    Lot to learn