Garden this morning

Striding out

Now I know it is not a good shot but it is a young Robin, not belonging to Titch, but nice to spot even if only for a second

Thought it was the Robin back but instead this is a lovely little Dunnock

and again, just to get me going:-)

Still around and feeding:-)

Just for a change, I found these down by the riverside in Bangor, I was supposed to meet up with the table tennis group for lunch, (outside and keeping distance) but wrong day, wrong place, don't know.  anyway I took Sue for a walk along the river and ….nice

Forgotten what a group of Egrets are called now, but here they are

Good to see, evidently had a good season.

Off to check the time and date!!!!


Lot to learn

  • Lovely photo captures and to see your garden birds and the young robin and dunnock; sorry the date for your lunch got a bit mixed up and hope you didn't go hungry ! Bonus to see the group of L.Egrets; they have various collective name ..... congregation, heronry, skewer, wedge. Other Herons, ie.. Grey Heron: is either a Siege or Sedge.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Goodness gracious me (that dates me). I don't think I've ever seen so many Little Egrets in one place. I wonder if they found some tasty feeding opportunities. How about an explosion of Egrets. LOL



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  • Pleased you had brief glimpse of junior Robin Gaynor, they are always so special!
    A lot of Egrets is what I called them! Lol Didn't know they congregated like that as o ly ever seen two or three at once!


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  • Thank you for the info on group names Hazy, and no I didn't miss out on lunch as ate it while I waited!! TJ I didn't expect to see so many together either and had to dash back to car to leave Sue and grab camera in order not to waste a photo experience. The Spinnies is sort of a mile or two up river and I took photos of a number of Egrets up in the trees if I remember correctly, a year or so ago, this is an area that suits them evidently.
    Wendy I was happy to see the little Robin too, it didn't come back when I was watching but no doubt I will get another chance for a better pic another time.

    Lot to learn

  • Haven't seen my littl'un again Gaynor but, like you, live in hope!


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