White Starling

William, my 8 year old son wanted to share this post : " On Sunday 28th June in Penrith, Cumbria I spotted this white bird and I zoomed in on my camera - I took a picture and then it flew away with a group of other black starlings. The next time I saw it he stayed longer on the feeder. I asked my mum to send this photo to the RSPB. I am still looking out for the white starling! I would call it the Snowbird! "

  • That's a great sighting William, thanks for sharing your photo ... did you notice if the Starling had pink eyes? That would make it a true Albino but if it's eyes were brown then it suffers from Leucism whi h is lack of melanin pigment!
    Be sure to send us any more pics or news of sightings!


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  • Hello William and well done spotting this unusual starling which as Wendy mentioned is either albino if it has pink eyes but with the Leucism which you can read about by clicking on the blue highlighted bit,   and also the Albinism.    I think the nickname Snowbird is lovely and hope you get to see the bird many more times so you can take more photos of it.   Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and happy bird watching.  


    Regards, Hazel 

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