Seagulls and Covid19

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I have been wondering if the lack of human outdoor movement including workplaces lunches will negatively impact the numbers of seagulls in the UK?

I figured this might the place to get some insight.

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  • An interesting question. Certainly gulls and other wildlife have taken advantage of our messy habits of discarding food to get an easy meal. I guess if there's less about they will try to find food elsewhere but we probably won't know the long term effects until this lock-down comes to an end.



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  • Thank you Tony appreciate the reply!
  • I think it is bound to reverberate around the wildlife, both good and bad, the gulls will definitely miss the interaction, even here I have watched them perch on the bins outside a fish and chip shop when the sea is only 500 yards away, then of course the litter that we discard will improve drastically ( I hope) and maybe less plastic will end up in the sea. As Tony says we won't know the full implication of it all until a later date.

    Lot to learn

  • Could you advice me please . Im a o a p and i love all creasures big and small . I have regular magpies of 2 genarations visit my garden shed roof also 2 lovely crows with a baby i put out bird food and suiet every night ready for 6 0 clock morning time , They come evey day to feed .I also have a lovely robin who sings at dusk he comes to see me and have his worms , now òne of the neighbours got someone to put a big note in my letter box saying i cant feed these birds im breaking the law thats what they mean , this as up set me ive lived in this council house over 40 years now ,But its due to a neighbour who lives 2 houses way from me she dont like animals ,Can you ak around if im breaking the law , i keep my garden spotless and disinfect it daily please advice me only im very concered and sad many thanks for your time i appriciate your input christine
  • I think you should just keep feeding them Christine it's not illegal and your neighbours are just being miserable people. The council could only get involved if the food attracts rats and mice in larger numbers than usual, otherwise it is a private matter between neighbours.
    It's not been an issue for 40 years and it isn't one now. Tell your neighbour to mind their business and if they are harassing you then let the council know.