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  • Lovely shots of the fox, Alan. Mr GB saw 2 in our back garden a few days ago in the early morning. We have seen individual foxes fairly regularly in the18 months we've lived here and all through the lockdown; I hope they bring their next litter to visit us as well. One evening just after dark I watched a fox standing at the end of the drive and attempting to cross the road. Every time a car approached it backed up into our sheltered driveway, but afterwards crept out again toward the road. I was happy it was so cautious, not wanting to find a run-over fox one morning! There is nowhere in our garden for them to have a den, but our garden seems to be part of their regular travels. They have also been helping the Crows, Woodpigeons, Blackbirds, Dunnocks and Robins tidy up under our birdfeeders.

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  • Very nice sighting, Alan. I think foxes in the countryside look much healthier that the ones we sometimes see in urban settings.



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    Thats a lovely, healthily looking fox Alan. Haven't seen one around our area for awhile now but do catch a whiff of one around the garden occasionally.


  • Beautiful markings on that fox Alan, what a stunner, great photos.

    Lot to learn

  • Just seen your hare shots from back-a-while, fab Gaynor :o) And super fox shots Alan :o)