New Visitor the other day

  • Thanks Mike, PB and TJ,

    I thought you would give me the name of the range up there Mike, and PB there is always a cuppa on offer if any of the Forumates come this way, they' would be lucky to find me in usually what with uke, table tennis, walking hound etc., except for these days my time is taken up with learning new technology with all the What's App and Zoom and meetings!!, can't wait to get back out and about!! TJ my mountains, you notice I say "my" are always looking good, whatever the weather, would hate to live in an area that was flat.

    Lot to learn

  • Congratulations, Gaynor, I see the photo of your Pied Wagtail visitor made into the RSPB Shop newsletter.



    My Flickr Photostream 

  • O'h I didn't know that TJ, ooops I had better take a look.

    Lot to learn

  • Can't find it never mind, the little bird was very pretty and deserved it's 15 mins of fame:-)

    Lot to learn