Join me on my walk today

Just down the back lane looking over the fence - saw this female and one young - but was spotted and the young one dashed into the undergrowth

On down the lane, the postman came behind me so I headed for the copse and down into these fields

No wildlife or birds around but better still no people!

Sue has to be on a lead now as fairly blind which doesn't stop her chasing a rabbit and I wouldn't want to lose track of her.   She fairly patiently waits for me to take the photos.   

Nice to see the May coming out, just up by the school field now.

We are back onto the lane now and Sue decided she wanted more so we turned to follow the road down


Came around a bed to see these two about 15 - 20 yards ahead of me

 Hope you don't mind a little sequence of them, don't know whether the posing was friendly or not, I did hope to see courtship feeding but not lucky.

Then they both flew up into the hedge, I was happy to see them leave the road in case of cars coming around the bend below them.    Can't make up my mind if it was a pair or just two males posturing - they were mirroring each other there at the end weren't they.

Anyway that's all folk, 

feel free to add your walks on here if you wish


Lot to learn

  • Nice set Gaynor, it certainly was a beautiful sunny day and good to be outdoors for our limited walk allowance ! We went over to our new apartment for another looksie; will take a while for it to sink in but I'm sure when the bills come through the postbox it will sink in LOL
    The robins are lovely to see; wonder if that first few pics was posturing with the neck stretching on one and the tail up flattened out pose of the other. Will leave it to our robin whisperer to fathom out. Sometimes it even takes the male a while to recognise a female ! Nevertheless, nice sequence to see and what lovely countryside around you. Poor Sue with bad eyes, I'm almost that way myself and I can't get anything done about my eyes at the moment with all that's going on and trying to avoid opticians, medical facilities, etc., !! I need a change of prescription although I'm hoping to see if I can have lens replacement at some stage as glasses are so restrictive with photography and bird watching !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Looks like a lovely little walk, especially with the sun out. I don't see many rabbits around my way. I'll have to leave any Robin behaviour to MC, although I would guess males would be more aggressive towards rivals at the moment rather than just posturing?


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  • What a lovely route to walk Gaynor! And nice sunshine too. Pretty dull here today so just been pittering in the garden.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • No problem about social distancing where you live, Gaynor. Looks lovely and such a beautiful sunny day. My guess is that the Robins are two males squaring up to each other but we need our tame Robin whisperer, Paul, to confirm.



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  • Thanks you all very much, I am so lucky to live in an area like this, never get tired of the countryside and it gives so much back.

    You are having a hard time Hazy with your eye trouble, it is very hard dealing with sight problems, and especially now as you will not want to see an optician in the present climate. I had the sight vanish from the one eye years ago and it took a month for me to be referred to an eye specialist that said he could operate. He did and it was another few weeks before I could use the eye, but at least I could see out of the "good" eye. I tried driving down the road using just the one eye but that was no good so I had to stay home for a couple of months I think. I wasn't into photography then, (well I'm only playing now) but you are really missing the bird watching I can tell. My daughter had a lens replacement a few months ago and now has perfect sight, well worth doing she said, she had both eyes done - I had kittens - but very good after care and results.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to gaynorsl:

    gaynorsl said:
    You are having a hard time Hazy with your eye trouble,

    I shouldn't grumble too much Gaynor as I can see sufficiently with my glasses (albeit the prescription needs changing now) and manage to go about day to day activities without a problem;   it is just frustrating when I struggle to see more distant things which takes some of the joy out of photography/bird watching.    People are far worse off than me as hopefully lens replacement may restore 20/20 vision or as near to it as possible.   I had lasik treatment 20 years ago and it was fantastic but age is catching up and more treatment is due now if I am to be free of glasses again which I find such a nuisance with my hobbies.    I have no right to complain when other people can't see at all or have other very serious eye diseases  - I'm nowhere near that bad.    Sorry you had eye problems but glad they could fix it and good news that your daughter had successful lens replacement which is encouraging for me.     With what's going on in the world, I feel I am so fortunate that we don't have more critical worries and I wish everyone to remain free of this awful virus and other serious illnesses.         It feels as if the world has fallen off a cliff at the moment.      


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Good to see your photos Gaynor & will try & see what I can take today.

    It's a horrible situation for everyone, we just have to manage as best we can. Rons cataracte operation was cancelled 2 days before it was due (16 march) & will now have to go back & have all the measurements & appointements again. No idea when. I had a tooth out just before the confinement & now have a huge hole that doesn't want to heal. But when you see what's happening elsewhere we're just happy to wake up each day.

    P.S Not sure if it's the same but our chickens used to crouch down like your Robin sometimes, we put it down to a submissive gesture. So maybe it was a female or young male?

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Lovely photos Gaynor, and you can never have too many photos in a sequence of events like the robins.


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  • Hazy you are not alone feeling like that, it is a desperate time and what can you do, stay home and meditate! ! I would be out there delivering to the old folk if I was allowed or something, anything to help as I'm sure we all feel.
    Hazel thanks and hope your tooth heals up soon, try washing your mouth with salt water, if you haven't already, it does work, just as well you had the extraction before the lock down, toothache is such a horrid thing to get.
    Cheers Mike, there seem to be a number of Robins around at the moment, more than Blackbirds here, this weekend will cure that with the cold weather back, they will all go into hibernation:-)

    Lot to learn

  • How lovely
    I loved the whole 'thread' of your walk
    Unfortunately I am self isolating with 11 days of being rather poorly, so I am confined to quarters completely.
    So I really enjoyed your virtual walk, thank you