In my garden.....

  • Oh that food looks so yummy if only I could get to it


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  • Lots of Gold in your garden! PB will be having a breakdown!!


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    Nigel O said:
    PB will be having a breakdown

    No, no, it's fine. We had sunshine today too. I WAS AT BLEEDIN' WORK ALL PIGGIN' DAY!!!!!!!! 

  • Nice to see the lollipops are still regular visitors, and the goldcrest seems to be a new regular visitor. 


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  • Sunshine and a snowy garden and some lovely pickies to go with them. All the birdies look to be fluffed up to keep them warm, don't blame them. We had a good shower of hail and some swirly snow Friday night, nothing more on Saturday but overnight a good fall again. Went to go out a walk yesterday and the rhone on the garage wall was overflowing water into a pot, that was to the brim, the poor spring bulbs are up about 2 inches, so went to investigate. The water in the rhone was frozen solid, (it does not run out fully, needs re aligned, job for hubby in the spring) about 2" thick, had to break it in pieces to get it out. The falling snow and melting snow from the garage roof was sitting on top of this iceberg and at that particular part there is a bracket with two clips which had come undone, hence the water running out at the bracket. I had a hose to push the water along the now emptied rhone, so up and down a ladder and moving along the wall, half way along I left the hose hooked over the top of the ladder, to save time, it did not pay off as it came flying off hit the path and cracked at the back end of the hose head and there was a jet stream of water ******* out all over me, my gloves were soaking, hat kept coming off with bending up and down, scarf wet, coat drenched. Job completed, ladder cleaned and away, rhone now fixed, I came in, all the garb onto  the radiator and coat hung up. Well I did get my excercise but not as I had planned. Told the tale to hubby who said, yes I did see you at the side doing something!!!!

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    Aww poor you CL..Hope you have finally dried off and had a wee hot cuppa. My ponds are frozen everyday all day am constanlty trying to break a hole for the birds...roll on spring!!! Getting scunnered of the average -7°!!!

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  • Oh dear CL, hope you have recovered from your drenching and sitting back with a nice relaxing cup of tea - or better still some Highland Whisky !


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Indeed I have recoverd and I am having some Catihness Whisky Liquor. We had the traditional Burn's night Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for dinner and a lovely local Stroma Liquor. Stroma is a small island just out in the Pentland Firth and a distillery in Wick, one of the two main towns in Caithness makes their own Pulteney Whisky and this Liquor, very yummy, but I need a small drop of water added, I know sacrilege, but it takes the heat off!

    Sorry Linda for kinda hijacking your thread!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.