In my garden.....

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    Thanks Mike, am just glad the birds come to me!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Weather hasnt been to bad all week albeit a bit been busy as usual

    Maggie having a game of football

    composing himself for a penalty kick

    I put another feeder pole by the pond and well it lasted about 4 hours!

    "am sorry am sorry am sorry...but I was really hungry"

    Cyril made  it with huge leaps onto both poles yesterday Grrr!!!

    Although it was rather funny when he tried to use the bamboo as a launch pad..he almost landed in the pond in slow motion 

    Enough of his carryminonsense...yes its a word

    Back to the birdies

     Hawl!!! No Cyril you are not a bird and you are not going innfabulous fence posts thread! Now Bog off

    BB will

    And RRB

    Some nice pics I think by the pond

    My star attraction this week..Grumpy chops

    Lovely Greenie or 2

    Jenny preferred the bird bath

    as did the twins

    And the Dunnock

    We are trying to have a conversation her GT...Bog off!!

    wee cutie coal tit

    always mayhem with the greenies

    Mrs BF came to visit

    Not seen a sparrow in garden since sring/summer

    The twins on last years xmas tree

    lovely dunnock

    WARNING!!!! sunglasses may be required for this next pic...very zinngy

    The gathering of the clan

    All because of .......Mrs Sprawk

    Well thats you all up to date again with the garden visitors.

    Hope you are all safe and well

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

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    Hi Linda
    Another nice set of lovely birds, its been a horrible day here today foggy and rain.
  • You did have a lovely day by the looks of it Linda and cracking photos to show for it. I do love the sweet couple bird bath, the wee tits in it are are so cute. There is always a squirrel needing to be in on the show. All good to pick any out but it is nice to see the Thrush and I have never had the Bullfnches, have never seen one yet either. Thanks for sharing your day wth us.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Nice to get a Bully in the garden, not to mention all the other stuff. You see, you give them their own bath and half of them still use the pond! You just can't help some folk!!


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  • Lovely to see all those pics Linda, soooo jealous of the Thrush bathing lol I liked the Greenie staring you out too:-)

    Lot to learn

  • Love additions Linda and good to see you get a few Greenfinches with their numbers falling.

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    Thanks ILR...well it was -2 here on saturday night thank goodness for heated windows and seats in the car 

    Post edit :

    Heated seats in the car

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

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    Linda257 said:
    seats in the car

    Is that unusual for Scotland, Linda? Do you normally have Flintstone-mobiles?! Lol

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    Thanks Catlady. I just adore sitting out listening to their little wings flapping in the water as they have a bath. The Bullies are very shy and usually get chased out with the BBs so gotta be quick with the camera for them.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)