In my garden.....

  • Still stunned by your array Linda :o)
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    Thanks Gaynor...Its been raining past 2 days now and the Starling numbers have already reduced to about 4 at the most at any one time..Can't get rid of the squirrels though...they just seem to hang around even longer lol

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    Cheers PB

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  • Linda, Sorry to hear about your neighbours complaints--hope they go back to work soon! Luckily for us, I think our neighbours on one side noticed the increase in the numbers of birds visiting our garden since we hung up bird feeders, and they have now put up a bird feeder as well. They tried the feeder in several different places, the first few of which the Squirrels quickly found. Finally they hung the feeder on a long rope from a tree branch, out of reach of the Squirrels, although the Squirrels can still find anything which drops to the ground underneath the feeder. The bird feeder was probably put up initially to help entertain their young grand-daughters. The little girls and their parents have been staying with those neighbours during the lockdown. One day Mr GB overheard them asking the older girl if she would like to help refill the feeder. Awww---nothing like getting them started early!

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    Thanks Ann, the only problem is the one I believe reported me for the birds is retired and on her own so I think she enjoys moaning about everything but I did witness her throwing loads of food over her fence into the school this evening and she wonders why she has magpies squawkin like crazy at 5.30am!! If only she had grandkids like your neighbour maybe she would mellow!

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  • I'm sorry to read about the complaint etc, it really does show how as a species we've become distanced from nature, the very thing that helps us survive.

    On a happier note, its good to see you're still getting some welcome visitors, and I love the pic of the waggie with insect, brilliant.


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    Thanks Mike..will take a lot more than a letter to stop me enjoying my garden visitors! Yes wee Maggie comes quite often now the starlings flown away and turned up in Tony's garden lol

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  • Time for a top up of my garden visitors over past few days

    Bath time!

    It was water in the bath honestly lol

    How good one can look by avoiding a bath!

    Feeding time and its feathers still dont look any better

    Darn maggie! But lovely colours all the same

    Mmmmm a nice juicy slug

    And some just hanging around to annoy the neighbours

    Or to scare the other birds

    Time to evacuate the garden now...that was easy

    Talk about a sitting duck!  Right in centre of the garden..sprawk will fly over the fence one day!

    And to finish my wee furry friends..yes just 2 honestly thats all I have lol

    Hope you all enjoyed 

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  • lovely additions Linda, you have such a wildlife friendly garden, well done.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    Thanks Hazel, I just need to keep adding to make it less open to the neighbours burning eyes lol

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