All The LBJ's

A day without rain but still windy so took a chance and went to Lynford Arboretum the other week.  Never seen the place so  busy. 

First  stop was a pair of very tall conifers with lots of scopes pointed almost straight up, a pair of Tawnies were roosting amongst the branches at the top, thank you to the gentleman for showing me through his scope. No pics as the branches were moving a lot in the wind making it impossible to get a view of them.

Next stop down to the paddock to the Hornbeam trees where the Hawfinch are usually seen. Again thanks to someone with a scope letting me have a look. Thankfully then they flew up and landed in another tree making them viewable with bins but still too far for pics.

Next back to the bridge to see what LBJ's were about on the food that people leave on the bridge pillars.

Firstly a couple of Brambling, about this time last year we saw about 40/50 Brambling but only 2 this time.

Them a Blue Tit bombing a chaffie.

Marsh Tit came in for its share

Mr Nuttie wanted a share

A Blue Tit took a seed away to a bush to peck at.

A Coal Tit turned up..

And decided to juggle with its food.

Chaffies at 10 o'clock

Another sat out to watch the coming and going

Marsh Tit returned

Chaffie went into hover mode.

Nuttie sat out in a bush

Then everyone wanted a share

Walking back towards the car park stopped at ground feeding area to see dozens of Blue Tits and Great Tit along with a few Coal Tits. A single Yellowhammer to quick for me to capture.

Time to go and find a hot pie.!