Birds in the snow 2020 Share your photos here

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    Linda, I've just replied to another of your threads. Thanks, but I don't have any old photos and do not have a camera or I would be posting pics!

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  • A couple from March '18 (we have so little snow, I have a folder called snow photos with only about 30 pics in it!)


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    Lovely pics P.B Thanks for sharing. Love the blackcap all puffed up.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

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    Cheers Mike, a friend of mine went up the Ogwen Valley with hubby and dogs last Monday, they tried getting out of car but were almost blown over, also hadn't really geared up for the snow by the sound of it!! They took some photos but haven't seen any yet. I wouldn't try the mountains just now in case I get stuck, I'm not into pushing the car on my own, though remember my hubby pushing a car out on Red Wlharf Bay when it wouldn';t start, and the tide was almost on us, he never knew how he had managed it on looking back to those days.


    Pushing a car off Red Wharfe Bay!

    Not something I'd relish doing....

    As a side note, the original concept of the Land Rover Defender started life as a drawing on the beach at Red Wharfe Bay.


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