Sparrowhawk hunting in the snow......

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    Had a Sparrowhawk on the wall at the bottom of my garden last Sunday, i had never seen one before so i can only think it had seen my bird feeders and they meant birds and lunch. Within seconds of me trying to find my camera it had flown off. Lovely to see though.

    Aww, yes they can be gone in the blink of an eye but they tend to hang around my garden when they catch a meal as the garden is outlined with about 60 conifers  at one side so they have plenty cover to enjoy their meal in peace. Keep your eyes peeled because it will probably be back now it knows where the birds gather at your feeders. Keep that camera by the window !

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    Thanks Mike

    As for the mapies whats for 25 because thats about the usual number that visits . I think they are trying to take over from the pigeon mafia

    Still wishing for better camera shots...still learning but at least its fun learning.

    Linda, from what I understand, as with most nursery rhythms and similar songs, there are many variations, though the standard ones seems to stop at ten.

    However, I found this while doing a search, from the forum back in 2012: "14 Magpies What does 14 mean?"


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