Pics from a sunny day

Did someone mention Goldeneye? I haven't had many good views this winter but, as I left the carpark at Pennington, I saw one steaming towards the hide, so rushed to get there in time.

Fabulous birds when they catch the light and this handsome chap soon had an admirer

She was eyeing him up critically from all angles

The arrival of another female finally triggered a response

He's going for it ... he's gonna do it ... yes, there it is!

The displaying male draws the attentions of a rival

And the least senior makes a hasty retreat

I feel better now I've had my yearly dose of Goldeneye antics, especially in the sunshine

We still have the tame Oystercatcher, which is great for detailed shots.

He mixes it with the ducks who come to be fed, but he still likes fresh water mussels 

Look at that handsome guy there in the reflection

Nice colours of Lapwings


I keep looking for Redpolls in the Alders but all I get are these babblers

A rare visit by a Pochard

And with different colour backgrounds

One of the most unusual photos I've taken, in terms of colour, of a Goosander. It's a reflection of red dogwood stems that's giving the purple hint to the water

I was just putting the camera away in the car when I had to get it back out again as a Buzzard flew over


Nige   Flickr