Bird Count!!

Just having a look this afternoon in case more birds around than earlier on, only left the window in kitchen for a few minutes and came back to empty garden - aha - where is it -

Sneaky I thought

Hiding it's eye away from sight, could just be a pigeon up there!   Except for that talon.

Boo, well thanks very much, haven't seen a Sprawk for a good number of days, did you have to come today while I'm doing the count !

The garden stayed empty for a good half hour by which time it was about 4.00 and not many came back to feed before retiring.

Here are a couple from this morning also

Yes he's back, along with mate

and a little friend

All happily getting along together

Should have counted the starlings and gulls around the front field maybe:-)

Lot to learn

  • LOL Gaynor, typical that a Sparrowhawk turns up as you start the bird count ! Lovely photo captures and to see the bunnies keeping the blackbird company and all getting on together.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks Hazy, it was a good thing I'd had a quick look this morning and had started writing them down, I was interrupted by family arriving as they do!!, so thought I would try again in the afternoon. Just as well I had seen the Blackcap earlier:-) Isn't it strange though, she came yesterday and today and I haven't seen one for yonks!

    Lot to learn