A quick trip to the river...

… as the forecast appeared wrong, and the sun came out!!

As I arrived Colin's distant cousin was being harassed by some bullying gulls

Shortly after a heron came gliding in (I liked the effect through the tree's, even though I cursed when I actually took the picture as I thought the twigs would spoil it)

A bold as brass Robin landed no more than 8 feet away

The Heron Has Landed... hmmm.. doesn't have the same ring as "Eagle"

My usual walking area was under water again, so I crossed the river and had a short walk and was rewarded with a Kingie having a brief perch, and contemplating the clouds

(either that or he was scanning the water with just his right eye

There were half a dozen cormorants again, but only one picture came out semi decent

 And as I headed to the car, Mrs and Mr Stonechat popped up to say hello. Not sure I've seen them by the river before

I decided to fill the feeders and have a watch over the garden, but unfortunately I managed to slip down the decking steps, giving my back a fearful whack, so now I'm sitting inside feeling sorry for myself!!

Edit: Sorry, Tony, no otters again, but they had been seen yesterday pm

  • Oh no PB, that can be so painful, I hope you are feeling easier now?
    Love the Stonechats, one of my favourite birds, and lovely shots of the Kingfisher too, glad you saw Wendy's young Colin, nice to know he visits other forumites!!

    Lot to learn

  • Nice stuff and a lovely pic of the female stonechat. I don't suppose you'd get Burton or Eastwood for the 'Heron has Landed'. Best of luck with the back!


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  • A lovely set PB and love the pretty Stonechat's as its also one of my favourite birds; bonus to get the Kingy perching so nicely and also the Kestrel fly by.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Kestrel looks female to me PB so please send her to Colin to pair up with this season!
    Hope it's only minor damage to your back!


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  • Thanks all
    I'd not seen the kingie perching there before, I think because the river is still so high they are changing their habits slightly.
    This was the 2nd time in the last few weeks I'd seen the gulls chasing a kestrel off from there (don't know if it was the same one or not). I'm not fluent enough to send her your way Wendy, but I'll try!!
    I was hoping for Attenborough, Nige (Dickie not David lol)
    Back is stiff, and as sore as a really sore thing this morning but the galling thing is, there's nothing to see (except on my coat!). Fingers crossed it will get easier as I start moving about
  • Your trips to the river always seem to yield something good, PB. Really nice Kingfisher shots and the one of the female Stonechat is a cracker.

    Sorry about the bruised backside.



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