Butterflies & Moths 2020

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    Oh great! You're very welcome, Tony.
  • Lots of Peacocks today, but mostly closed for some reason


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  • I think this could be titled 'Oh what a night'. - I set the trap out on Thursday evening not expecting a big catch as it was quite warm and bright.  I sat up for a bit and potted some little Ruby Tigers and listened to the the bats until the mossies got too much.  Friday morning I had a bit of a surprise there were moths everywhere!  I have managed to id 28 species so far, I lost quite a few as they were exiting the trap, the count was up in the 200's and the most prolific was Rosy Footman at 21..... and I missed some :). 

    I will admit to being slightly overwhelmed by the quantity and I let a lot of micros fly as I just didn't have the ability to process them and was worried they might cook.  I was also disconcerted by the number of wasps in the trap.

    First sight

    Erik pointing out moths on the cloth

    Whats in this egg box? oh wow - moths, beetles, the lady bird had already wandered off

    A very Burnished Brass

    Mother of Pearl were about in high numbers - such a pretty little moth 

    More Four-spot footman - the girls were out on the town

    2 Tigers 

    A huge Garden Tiger - not seen one for years 

    Jersey Tiger 

    And to my joy my first ever  - I  want to shout and dance

    Elephant Hawk moth

    The balcony seems to be an ace moth spot.  


    Cin J

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    Lovely haul, especially the tigers! I have a robinson's trap but as I'm only an enthusiastic beginner I don't put it out very often, for the same reason you mention - i can't possibly ID (or even photograph for ID) all the micros.

    I have never had any tigers, but elephant hawk moth is a regular for me - I also get poplar hawk but have yet to see any other hawks.

    Last time I did an August trap I was completely swamped with large yellow underwings!
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    Last time I did an August trap I was completely swamped with large yellow underwings!

    Ah yes. - there was a variety of large, broad bordered. least and lesser - they are just getting started.


    Cin J

  • Interesting to see all those moths Caroline, glad to see you have Erik keeping a watch on the activities.

    Lot to learn

  • What a super haul Caroline, some real beauties there ... I usually use a white sheet backdrop to my moth box, that way I can get some record shots in situ instead of leaving til very late or in morning ... just cleared out some runner bean plants so may have space to set up again!


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  • Lovely collection Cin :o)
  • Brilliant,Caroline. The last few weeks have been very good here with the warmer weather. Did an all-nighter with a pal (slept from 03h30 to 05h30) & got over 200 different species........took 2 days to sort & identify all the photos & get them logged on the website.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Unknown species (attached to a female Stonechat).  :-)

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