20 minutes at the river

Having to work to keep a roof over our heads, me and Mrs PB usually miss parcels being delivered and have to go to the sorting office to collect. Normally, this is a pain in the bum, but today, I noticed the office opened at 7. Hmm I thought, Mrs PB is off for a breakfast "meeting" (chinwag/gossip/catch-up/natter delete as applicable) so I could go earlyish and have a quick wander.

So I did. I didn't realise quite what effect the amount of rain would have on the river, but suffice to say half of where I normally walk was a lagoon, and the other half a lake (usually it's a grass area), all bar one pathway. I followed the path, and out of habit for what I might have missed, I looked back.....

Imagine my surpise!! (This is a the edge of a normally dry ditch that I've only ever seen butterflies inhabit!)

I see you....

Ahh, you're too old and lardy to bother me, back to brekkie search

I'd sidled to about 15 feet away from him by this point, and then a dog came sploshing through the lake(field) and he took flight. 

I walked further along and caught Mr Corvid be preen

A dinosaur on Sentry Duty

The Swan family, still all together (note the tree on the right growing in the lake (field)

A majestic and serene fly-by

And just as the rain began again, I heard Jenny shouting her head off

  • Well that was well worth the effort of picking up the parcel lol There's been so much rain recently we are getting water loving birds turning up in all sorts of places ! lovely set PB and nice to see a Kingy.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Nice walk or splash in the park PB and being joined by a confiding Kingfisher would have made my day. It's all very well for the dinosaurs and swans all this rain, but poor little wren will be cheesed off by now.

    Lot to learn

  • Not often you see a Kingfisher perched on a dead umbellifer, or what ever it is. Lovely shots - flooding does have its benefits - sometimes! Like the cheeky Wren too.



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  • A lovely selection PB, hope you had your wellies on!!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • You have to keep an eye on those KF's. Sneaky little blighters, they are. They won't come within 50 ft of you ....except when they land right behind you knowing you're not likely to turn around. I've been watching riverside perches before only to eventually find it in the ditch behind watching me! Well done for calling their bluff!


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  • A great set of pictures PB and a lovely variety of birds, great shots of the Kingfisher and Wren. We had the most amazing sighting of a Kingfisher catch a fish and deal with it right outside a hide last week. I need to sort the pics and post some time.



  • Thank you all
    Hazel, in that situation I try and do the chore first, otherwise I get distracted and forget what I "officially" went out for!!
    Gaynor, the wren seemed happy enough, was almost dabbling with going for a paddle lol
    CL, walking boots.... was almost an error, about an inch spare of the waterproof bit lol
    Tony...yes...yes you had better sort them out!! Looking forward to seeing them :o)
  • Nice photos PB, and the kingie looks lovely, and the raven looks quite majestic.


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