Kingfisher picture query

I snapped the following sequence this morning, and I'm not sure if one shot is of the bird underwater, or a reflection that has somehow missed the subject... any thoughts?

The photo's haven't been cropped or edited other than to make the file size small enough for here.

11:10:11 bird by bank

11:10:12 underwater or reflection and no subject?

11:10:12 bird + reflection to the left

11:10:13 It was quick!!

11:10:13 Caught up to Bird + reflection

Thanks for thoughts

  • I would say its a reflection PB because it is the rust coloured belly showing but see what others think. Nice to get good views of a Kingfisher and as you say they are pretty speedy to capture on camera. On the rare occasion I have seen them I usually have to anticipate where they will appear (post or branch) or be prepared for that dive and enable continuous fast shutter mode. Often found it easier to concentrate on the branch or post which they will keep returning too as they are tricky little blighters lol


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  • PB, I agree with Hazel--reflection.

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  • Sorry--duplicate post, deleted.

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  • I'm sorry to say, I agree with the others, its a reflection.

    To help with the prognosis (OK, I hadn't eaten a dictionary, my physio was using technical medical terms today, so I've been brainwashed), there is too much sheen/light reflection on the water surface to clearly see below the surface, especially when you look at the last photo with the kingie flying just above the water surface.

    Also, look closely at the branches as they dip into the water, another sign whether you'll get any clear under water images or not.


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  • Its a reflection I'm afraid - if it was the bird underwater then it would be swimming on its back, which i believe would be most unusual in itself. It's odd that we can't see the bird in the second picture but in my experience they like to gain some height after leaving the water before bombing off elsewhere, so I ssupect that it is just above shot.




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  • Thanks all. I thought it probably was a reflection but thought the time frame was too short for it to get up out of frame