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Hi , i would like to start this thread where people could upload all the pictures about birding pics taken in aquatic environmnets like this one.

I put a couple of pics about it, i hope people are interested on it making and put their pics on this thread

  • Nice idea David, you need some Dipper photos on here, wish I could oblige but never have been lucky enough to get a photo. There could be some lovely Kingfisher photos arriving though if people see this thread.

    Lot to learn

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    Thanks gaynorsl for your support, i had thought about including birding pics taken into calm waters like marshes or ponds too, not only streammy water environments.

    Here are some pics about what i mean..

  • Some more pics i ve found...

  • Some more pics i ve found...

  • Great idea for a thread, and some lovely photos David.

    Not quite a stream, but definitely a swan tobogganing down a weir.

    The photo is a couple of years old now, but still brings a chuckle.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Lovely, Mike. Where was the weir?

    Kind regards, 


  • Excellent pic Mike, an image full of dynamism. I like it veru much. Thanks for sharing

  • Just found a set of pictures of a Carrion Crow?? drinking from a small pond.

  • Dipper in Scotland

    Grey wagtail - Surrey

    Plumbeous Redstart - Laos

    Dipper - Northumberland

    "Let loose the Kraken!"

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    Gardenbirder said:
    Lovely, Mike. Where was the weir?

    Thank you,

    The weir was on the River Dene just as it joins up with the River Avon at Charlecote Park.

    I managed to get a sequenced set of photos, from top to bottom.


    Flickr Peak Rambler