Waxwing at Laurel Park and Iceland Gull at the fish quay, North Shields.

Couldn't resist another trip to see some Waxwing again at Laurel Park, North Shields.

There were 3 male and 1 female Bullfinch all helping themselves  to the berries

Male Blackbird doing his best to deny the Waxwing

Laurel Park is just above the fish quay and one of the other toggers there said he was going down to the fish quay to look for the Iceland Gull which has been hanging around for a while- sounded like a plan to accompany him as he knew where it hung out and much more importantly, what it looked like 

The Pilot boat returns.


and a Turnstone looking for scraps

You might wonder why the park is called Laurel Park - when I was given the location I assumed that it might have been named after the trees that grew there though when I arrived I could see that they weren't Laurel trees. However, I did spot this statue 




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