A few pics from todays walk in the sunshine

Another lovely albeit cold day with very icy and frosty start to the morning;    give me minus degrees any day rather than the last three months of rain  ! 

Weekend is never the best time to  get out with the camera, especially near Neumann' Flash (Northwich area) as every man/woman/child and their dog is streaming by -  when people see a camera they always want to know what you have seen and photographing which would usually be very nice except when you've been waiting 15 mins each time for the birds to appear only to lock on focus as someone shouts to call their dog right behind you or stand over your shoulder asking what is that  !!!     Think I'm turning from a friendly old lady into something of a grumpy birder   lol   

Wasn't able to get you much to see but will share what I did manage to take ……….

sadly hidden behind a twig but it was good to see a few Song Thrushes 

and it's Scandinavian cousin ……… the Redwing which has to be one of my most favourite birds with those pretty features 

always difficult to get a clear shot as they place themselves in the middle of the tree 

not the clearest shot of those lovely red under wings

Jay which was digging for worms/insects

there's always a robin or two hanging around but sadly after 7 years our friendly confiding Riverside Robin has probably moved on to higher ground  and there was no sign of a new robin taking over his spot.      This robin was near Carey Park, opting to be closer to the recycling centre and tip   !

Buzzard wasn't playing ball either as it chose the overhead electricity pole to hide itself;     one of two Buzzards in same area

think they turned the power on   lol                   whoosh...…...and away 

as we headed back to the car there was a distant flock of pigeons/stock doves and I thought they may be homing pigeon as they kept circling around as if trying to make up their mind which direction to go   !      They seemed somewhat lost.    


Regards, Hazel 

"Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Beautiful looking day, Hazel, and a fabulous set even if they were playing peek a boo with their environment!!
  • It is nice to see blue skies at last although down here we had some cloud. I agree with you that Redwings are one of the most attractive of the thrushes. I especially like the shot of the one with the berry in its bill.



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  • I agree it is lovely to see the sun and blue sky Hazy, also the Redwing, haven't seen any this year yet. Your buzzard looks huge as it flies away.

    Lot to learn

  • As you say, the light of a cold winter's day is great ... and rare, so best to make the most of it wherever you can. I have places I avoid on weekends and a few I know that don't get too crowded even in good weather! I've seen plenty of Redwing but not even managed a bad shot of one yet this winter, so you're still doing better than me there! Excellent Jay, too, now you don't get them posing in the garden.


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