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Following TJ kindly lightning one of my pics to make it about a million times better, I was just wondering what software you folks use to improve your images? All I've ever done is crop, so have no knowledge/experience in the field. Free downloads would be my 1st choice, until I get some semblance of skill at it, and whether it's something I would want to do on a regular basis.

Thanks for your knowledge :o)

  • Do you use a windows machine PB.
    All I've ever used is windows photo gallery, I shoot in jpeg and only ever crop, brighten or alter the contrast.

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  • Yes, it's Windows Alan. For cropping, I'm still using the software that came with the Panasonic bridge camera I had, because I know how it works lol.
  • Look to see if you have photo gallery, I know the latest win 10 machines don't have it but I installed it while it was still available.

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  • No, not got it, Alan. I'll have a look on windows store or somewhere, thanks
  • If you are cropping with the software you've got you should be able to brighten and contrast too, what software is it?
    Google the software and search for editing photos.

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  • I tried with the original of the one TJ lightened to make it similar to what he did, but had no success. (To be fair, only tried for about a minute or 2 before I got distracted lol)
  • Looks like I could just use that then :o) Thanks Alan
  • I've just tried the built in photo editor and it's not great PB.
    What version of panasonic software have you got,?
    The others may have other software they can recommend without paying for it.

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  • I predominantly use Adobe Photoshop ver10, which suits my needs, without all the social media bells and whistles that seem to haunt most software today.

    However, I think today, as with many software companies, they've got greedy and now its charged on a monthly basis.

    There is another photo editing suite, called Lightroom, but I've never used that so I'm unable to comment further.

    I also use Microsoft Picture Manager from time to time, a nice straightforward program, and still free to download for Windows users.


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