Winter Mist

These photos are from several days ago, now. We'd had the first mists of the season, so I'd ventured out, mainly to get some atmospheric landscapes ... and you can't beat a good web for dewy or frosty images! I think the spider was drunk when it did this. It starts off in the centre with a nice, neat anti-clockwise spiral then completely loses its way, turns around and goes random.


A misty scene on a larger, wide angle, scale ... I could see the Cormorant coming in. so I thought I'd wait until it was going to land to give some avian interest

You can see that I'd taken the iron with me (just for PB's benefit) so, it was worth zooming in on another Cormorant leaping up to its perch, although it is still the landscape lens. This isn't done in B&W but is pretty close anyway.


Another Cormorant ... another reflection. It reminds me of a ski-jumper as it is taking off


I wouldn't normally do in-flight shots in the grey, but against the water (as opposed to the sky) it looked as if it might work ... 

... my "minimalist gull" series. Who knew young BHG's were concept artists, but they just wouldn't be half as effective with a choppy water background!


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