Is it unusual to have three nuthatches feeding at the same time from our feeding stations in the garden

  • Here, John, we had at least four through the summer, with very little obvious friction between them.

    As we're into autumn now, perhaps other, more knowledgable, posters will be able to advise in more detail.

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  • A number of years ago I had a family visiting quite regularly, now alas I don't see any so while not unusual to see any Nuthatches in the garden you are very lucky to be seeing them. I don't remember them being feisty with others so maybe like the sparrows they mix easily.

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  • In our last garden we had lots of oak trees so Nuthatches were a resident species seen throughout every day and used either the oak branches or stonecrete boxes to raise their brood in. I would see three Nuthatches on occasion feeding in close proximity but that was mainly during breeding season when they had recently fledged young to feed that would follow the adults to the food. Other times, I might see two together but if any other small bird like blue tit, great tit, coal tit, etc, came near the food the Nuthatch would send out a sharp warning call to them and dart at the birds to shoo them away, hence the smaller birds would often hold back from the feeders if the Nuthatches were around - I would say they were generally feisty little birds, even with their own kind at times ! More tolerant during breeding season with their own species.


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