Sooo, following a dismal week...

I have a day off and the forecast is dull, and grey, with about between 10 and 25% chance of rain, depending on where I look at going. Obviously, I'm not stupid (despite how it seems in the other thread), so I go to the lowest percentage chance of rain... Weymouth... which means Radipole Lake, and/or Lodmoor. I set off, not too early, and as I approach Dorchester I marvel at all the muppets barrelling down the outside lane at 70 when they all know it narrows to one lane about 100 yards ahead. Still, I'm in no hurry so pootle on. The forecast was right, it was grey and a bit murky but my day brightened up no end when I saw a hoverer, and no more than 20 yards from a lay-by. I pull in, retrieve the camera from the boot (bad planning I know!!) and as I turn, the hoverer moves a further 2o yards away...I snap, nevertheless

I walked after it a little, but then it just flew over the road and another 50 yards away, so I gave up, but thought...Nice start!

So, I got to Radipole a little after 9, spotted a sign on the welcome centre door....shut today, darn. no loo and no coffee later! I looked over the bridge and saw grumpy Mrs Tufty.

Along the path were dunnock, robin and blackbird, and puddles (more of them later!) but I saw something I don't recognise (for a change!!)... the front looks too white and the eye stripe too vivid for anything in my book

Well, then I walked on, skirting the puddles on the path, some of which were quite large. And unfortunately, some weren't actually on the path.... one in particular was sort of the bank of the lake. Luckily, it was only slightly over ankle deep. Unfortunately, my walking boots are only ankle high. So a dilemma.... I've paid for 3 hours parking, and my feet are wet..... it'll be best part of an hour home...… so, they'll be dry by the time I'm home...I'll carry on.

Next to catch my eye, was the weather, it had brightened slightly (probably god laughing at my wet feet) and a pair of youths

then possibly a tern of sorts? (going by wing shape?)

And a pair of Aylesburys?

Unfortunately the path to the viewing screens was even more flooded than the other area's so I gave them a miss and headed back to the visitor centre where 2 kingfishers had been seen yesterday, As I loitered inconspicuously on the bridge there was a Teal

A couple of gulls (don't know which sorts I'm afraid)

a very pale coloured pigeon

And a trio of cormorants in different stages of preparing, right to left, the preen, the stretch and then put it together

As I'd only been out an hour I decided to venture round to Lodmoor to see if it was less damp on the paths.... and it was .. To start with a morning excercise of starlings (too few to be a murmuration, also wrong time of day, so had to call it something!)

Another LBJ I'm not sure of

The next pic is basically a summary of the rest of the images, Teal, Lapwing in flight, Lapwing and gadwall.... feel free to skip ahead 


Who'd have thought whilst looking at teal and lapwing, I'd manage to get my 1st iridescent Maggie pic

And does anything have stripes on its back whilst flying other than snipe? If not I make it 9 snipe! (you can just make out the bill on left hand one)

A proud looking starling

And finally after the egret tree, I present to you, the sparrow bush

  • Well worth the wet feet I'd say. Nice red bar Pidge.

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


  • Not a badday out at all. Your first lbj looks like a Cetti's Warbler - presumably it shouted at you rather than singing . Your second lbj is a female Reed Bunting. The gulls are Black Headed Gulls . The Tern is perplexing - the bill doesn't look right to me, I wonder if it could be a winter plumage Med Gull - hopefully some expert will come along and help.




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  • A good day's birding after all PB with very nice species, especially the Cetti's Warbler which are so often very hard to either find or photograph; more often heard with a piercing unique sound - once you've heard one you'll always remember it ! Great set altogether so very well done and thanks for the lovely pics.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Decent pics though PB, wet feet not affecting cam action! Lol Any Kestrel pics better than none!


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  • Good stuff, PB, despite the greyness and wet feet! You're right, wet feet aren't worth worrying about. Once your wet socks warm up in your boots, you forget they're wet ... well, I do, anyway.

    Christmas has come early for you getting a Cetti's out in the open like that . A lot of people struggle to get a photo for years and I dare say a lot of birders haven't had such a good view, they're so secretive. I wouldn't claim to be an expert but I think I'd agree with Bob re the Med Gull - still a good spot.


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  • I would be dead chuffed with pics like that PB, and you found some cracking birds. Superb Lapwing and Bunting and Cetti's warbler, definitely worth getting a soaking for. Happy to see the spadger tree, they are not as prolific as they used to be.

    Lot to learn

  • Thank you all, and especially for the ID help :o)
  • Well done on the Cetti's PB I also like the first Tufted Duck and Lapwing shots..and you can't beat a pretty female Reed Bunting at any time.

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  • Particularly nice photos, PB. Thank you for sharing them.

    While I've heard a lot of Cetti's, I can't say I've ever seen one. Ever.

    Excellent. A great day out.

    All the best -
  • Thank you gentlemen :o)