Remember t'other day...

When I said about my run of luck down by the river? Well, I went back this morning to see if the luck was holding.

The 1st thing I saw after the sunrise 10 minutes down the road) was a plethora of people with big camera's and bigger lenses... Hmmm thought I, perhaps my luck shall still be good..

Dog otter.... you can tell it's the dog in the 2nd image due to it's fantastically manicured (pedicured?) nails

I took my leave of the group of people and meandered my way along (away from the area that was flooded last week), and saw a blue and orange blur from the corner of my eye. Hmm thought I, perhaps my luck shall not be so good to see but a blur.

I paused a moment and heard some strident calling to my right

But then she decided enough was enough and cursed me with her eye (or at least frowned at me!)

I wandered a little further, and pondered if the Heron was playing Hide and seek, thinking "You can't see me"

Not to be outwitted by the Heron, I walked on 5 yards.... "Ohhh… you can see me" he thought

"Well enough is enough, young fellow-me-lad, I'm orf"

"Hah!" He thought.... "I didn't want to go that way anyway!!"

Up by the weir there was a sighting of a cormorant

And the swans with their 8 cygnets.... not sure what age they stop being called cygnets!!

Then there was another sighting of the kingfisher, but not as good as I hoped for

Well, at that point I thought to myself, "well there's been some luck, but not an extraordinary amount, I'll mooch back and see if the otter's still there"

Lo and behold, the people were still there, but there wasn't an otter

nor 2

nor 3

(cue dambusters theme music), but the dog that had swum upstream!!!!

As they swam off downstream passing the area flooded last week I walked alongside, and now follow some gratuitous otter shots....just because I can 

Soooo, in summary.... I think it's pretty safe to say, my luck is holding!!!

  • great set PB - it appears to be raining Otters !! well found and photographed.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Lucky PB & talented in bringing us so many lovely pics, thank you ... can you pick out winning Lotto numbers & share too? Lol


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Ooooh lucky yoooooou. What a great day you had, your luck certainly was still with you.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Excellent stuff. Some nice light on the heron and the otters are certainly putting on a good show, letting you get some great close-ups.


    Nige   Flickr

  • OK PB-- otters, kingfisher, wren, heron, etc etc., you're going to have to slow down, lie in or something to give us chance to catch our breath.

    On the other hand,what's the chance of seeing four otters together like that, so thank you for letting us share in your excitement, Wonderful shots.

    Lot to learn

  • That's what I would call a day to remember.




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  • Thank you all for your kind comments
    Wendy, I'm afraid I'm not THAT lucky :o(
    Gaynor, fair warning, I've got the week off and Mrs PB is at work, the weather is set fair(ish) and I have no chores bar running the vacuum round.... if my luck keeps up you'll have to breathe deep lol. Today I'm going further down the river towards Christchurch an "urban reserve" I heard about back along, but not been to before.
    Bob... Certainly memorable, especially the last bit when I walked alongside them, for probably 150 yards, and they stayed my side of the river!