The Spinnies on bird watch day last Sunday

There were apparently over 100 Swans here paddling around at high tide, I only managed these for you.

This B/headed gull was half way out and seemed to be standing on the water until I realised it was on a rock having a preen.

Swans a dipping and dripping - it continued to pour down all morning, I had taken my grandson and daughter with me and thank heavens they both enjoyed the visit despite the rain.

Cormorant (not spreading wngs)!!

Across the Straits were a number of Egrets

Wigeon starting to come in as tide slowly backed off

Through the window at the other side of hide we have the lagoon, complete with Kingfisher (if you're lucky) ...we weren't!!!

Wigeon again

A wigeon in eclipse (I was reliably informed)  

Little Grebe that didn't come our way except for this one

Not a good photo I know but the raindrops are good:-)

Last one, and looks blue, don't know why, maybe the rain had eased just then.    So Swan, Wigeon and could be Shellduck coming in, filled a couple of hours and two new recruits for the wildlife trust, can't be bad.


Lot to learn

  • nice set of pictures,I'm not sure I have ever seen so many Mute Swans at one gathering or so many Little Egrets,thanks for posting


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Excellent pics showing how interesting a place the Spinnies is, despite the rain! So pleased to hear that the kids enjoyed it too! Swans & Egrets so majestic!


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  • Very nice - a good place for Kingfisher I believe.




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  • Certainly looked a damp day Gaynor! Glad you and the youngsters enjoyed it still :o)
  • Great thread Gaynor as I have often heard about The Spinnies but never managed to get there - yet ! Photos really give a good impression of the area as well as the birds likely to turn up. Its good to see some of the winter ducks turning up in numbers; love to see the whistling wigeons ! I'd heard about the chances of seeing a KF from the hide. Hope one day to see The Spinnies for ourselves so thanks for this temping treat and braving the inclement conditions.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks all for your comments. It was a lovely sight when walking into the hide and seeing so many Swans just outside the hide, took us by surprise to see so many, over on the far shore is Beaumaris where I have seen the odd one or two only during rough weather taking shelter and over at the Castle I believe they get a few in the moat. The egrets nest in numbers along the Straits, I went up in a boat a few years ago and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw so many on the shore and up in the trees, I didn't have a camera but still haven't returned to get a picture.

    There are three hides there now at the Spinnies, and we visited all and on walking into the third what appeared - just a flash of blue, yes the Kingfisher, but this hide is near the lane and a group of children were passing, not quietly!! and the moment passed, never mind I had seen it on my last visit and will again.

    The people that run the area are very helpful and encouraging, glad to see the youngsters getting involved.

    Will meet you for a brew if you get this way Hazy.

    Lot to learn

  • Looks an interesting place with plenty to see. Your photos have shown how bad the weather really was, so well done for keeping the youngsters interested while you were there.


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  • A lovely selection, Gaynor. You don't always need good weather to have a nice day out.

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  • Thanks Nigel, yes it is a good area, has been there for years but only now has it expanded and hopefully the wildlife trust will see good results. The weather was bad but of course once inside the hides you can stay dry and warm, various people had scopes too so the grandson was able to look and see even more, though it was the Kingfisher he wanted to see. Never mind, I will show him the photos on here tomorrow, that will open his eyes:-)
    PS My daughter will be really pleased to be included in the "youngsters" her eldest is 23!!!!, my youngest grandson is the odd one out these days at nearly 9:-):-)


    Lot to learn

  • Nice photos, especially considering the weather.

    I've just googled The Spinnies, often driven past there on the A55 and thought an ideal setting for a reserve.

    Next time I'm in N Wales, I'll have to make a trip there, and (if I've time) possibly a return visit to Penrhyn Castle, not been there for along time.


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