A couple from Pennington at the weekend

Saturday was one of those rare recent days when it was scheduled to rain! The resulting sun and calm water combined to give a bright reflection

I haven't photographed a GC Grebe for ages. This one was floating on the border between sun and shadow but put on a fine show.

The sun was directly behind the Grebe which gave quite a bit of glare to the ripples

I think all Grebes like a little shimmy every now and again

Back-lighting doesn't always give good results, but here it has given some nice rim-lighting on the feathers during preening

And the finished article of all this stretching, shimmying and preening, looking fab

A Tufty nearly gets mown down in the rush to get airborne ... but when you're the heaviest bird to take to the air, you just go for it and trust everyone else will have the sense to get out of the way!

When you're that big, you barely have enough room to flap your wings


Nige   Flickr