Out in sun and rain.

We had an unusual visitor to Pennington.

Perhaps surprisingly, given how many Grey Herons there are on site, Great White Egrets don't often stop over and, in fact, it was reported as a county rarity

Luckily, it came right in front of us, so we had photos to record it, but it didn't stay long at all

There are loads of Little Fluffies Grebes about

My best count is twelve in a day so far, including six in one pool

With very high water levels everywhere, the Cormorants seem to have become more active and this is about as white bellied as I've seen a youngster

"Like an idiot, I've come out without me umbrella ..."

"... and I hate getting wet!"

"You're a Cormorant, you fool. It's like water off a ... off a ... well, we don't mind getting wet is what I'm saying!"

"Well, I'm sensitive ... and my mum says I have the wings of an angel!"

Another water lover

A couple of songbirds ...

... including a local speciality

Elsewhere, the wet Autumn weather is bringing on the funghy funghi mushrooms, like these spiky puffballs

And these inkcaps (I think)


Nige   Flickr

  • Splendid set Nige, love the bully (had a pair nest in the garden last year, but not seen one since Feb) , and i'm always a sucker for big wings!! And superb light on the spikey funguses

  • Lovely selection Nige, especially like the Blue Tit with the autumn berries.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Superb set of photos and captions ! I love the little fluffies too, who can resist these cute dabchicks ! Lighting is gorgeous on the photos especially BT and Bully and fungi stand out so clearly. Nice to get a GE, think sightings/numbers seem to have been increasing recently so can't wait to see if there are any at LM next month when we visit for a whole week - probably still need wellies to get round or maybe a dinghy !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks all
    PB: Ah, "funguses", that was the word I was trying to think of :)
    CL: Oddly, I don't have that many photos of Blue Tits, so that one was an opportunity too good to miss.
    Hazy: There were 4 GWE just in front of Morecambe Hide when I was there at the end of Sept, so your chances are good, but I fear a dinghy may be preferable to wellies. Second-hand rumours that I heard were of 8-10 inches of water on some paths this week, but as a consequence the Beardies were showing well near the grit trays. I might get up there early next week to have a look.


    Nige   Flickr

  • Gorgeous photos, Nigel, thanks for posting! Love the fluffies, too, and Bullfinches. The rest aren't bad either--thanks!

    Kind regards, 


  • Great pics Nigel, I didn't know the young cormorant was so white, and the wing spread on that GW Egret is just enormous. Seems like we are all partial to those fluffy Grebes, but six in one pool is just not fair!!!

    Lot to learn