Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, again

So, after working 10 days straight, AND the sun coming out for my day off, I decided to head off to Ringwood, and the lakes. However, I'd completely forgotten how far away everything can be from some of the hides and I had a lapse in settings here isa selection of heavily cropped, mightily distant (in some cases), badly exposed pics from today.... with a few surprises thrown in that I didn't expect to see.....

Straight in with a surprise... a Wheatear

A Pied Wagtail

GC Grebe

Pipit and Wheatear (too distant for me to decipher which pipit)


Egyptian Geese Flyover

Things were mainly less distant from now on...Surprise #2

Surprise #3 considering how chilly it was overnight

Overall there were 3 Red Admiral, and probably 12-15 Speckled Wood, but only one dragonfly which I didn't manage to snap

Little Grebe

It was about here I remembered that bright sunshine can be tempered in the camera's settings... 

GC Grebe

Grey Wagtail

Aerodynamic expertise

Surprise #4 (well it will be if someone can tell me what it is... I've tried lightning it a bit but it doesn't make any colours clearer)

Surprise #5 Well it is for me as I haven't seen one since the spring...Blackcap

Surprise #6, Handsome Beast

But easily spooked

Female Shoveller (judging by bill size)

Surprise #7... my 1st encounter

And then the party started with (drum roll please) The Fun Guys!!

  • Nice set, PB. Very lucky that today was your day off. The weather has been pretty dire just recently and is set to resume its wet and windy antics again.
    Good to see the Blackcap feasting on the Blackberries. The fox looks in prime condition and positively glowing in the sunshine. I'm not well up on snakes but I assume that's a Grass Snake.
    Sorry, can't identify the duck.



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  • Jealous of your Little Grebe, Yellow Wagtail and handsome fox, and now I know why I leave the blackberries alone at this time of the year, not because they might be grubby but because Mr Blackcap needs nourishing, great capture. Love the grass snake too, fabulous shot. My Mum always told me to stay away from those Fun Guys:-)

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to gaynorsl:

    Lol Gaynor, but did you listen to your Mum and stay away from all Fun Guys, or... nudge, nudge wink, wink lol
  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thanks Tony, according to the lady stood next to it, it is a grass snake (and my Mum thought it was too, when she saw the pic lol)
    The weather had been forecast good for Wednesday since about Saturday, so at least twice a day I was checking it hadn't changed lol
  • A good day out, especially with such a good view of the fox and finding the grass snake - I've only ever seen one once. It is very difficult to tell from the dark pic of surprise #4, but the overall shape and possibly dark beak make me think Gadwall. I could be hopelessly wrong, mind!


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  • Well PB after watching the documentary with Mr Cohen the other night and all his gang on the Greek islands and knowing I was out there just about that time I feel I did very well quietly going about my life over on Crete safe and sound away from the Fun Guys:-) !!!!

    Lot to learn

  • Super photos PB, and I love the blackcap with blackberries, that is a super capture.

    Getting a grass snake this time of year, is awesome.


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  • In reply to Mike B:

    Thanks Mike, was my 1st ever grass snake, and the blackcap was about 3 feet outside the hide window, so I didn't dare open it lol
  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    PimperneBloke said:
    Thanks Mike, was my 1st ever grass snake, and the blackcap was about 3 feet outside the hide window, so I didn't dare open it lol

    PB, you're welcome.


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