The latest from Pennington - new formula with added, improved Kingfishers

  • Wow, just seen the Kingfisher pictures.


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    James G said:
    Wow, just seen the Kingfisher pictures.

    as we speak I can see Jim heading back up the Motorway from Cornwall to Pennington F.   lol           I'm expecting to see photos of the White-rumped and Curlew Sandpipers seen down in Cornwall area Jim  -  oh, and don't forget to find the Melodious Warbler and the Wryneck that are around !!      Think we'll all be moving down to Cornwall with those sightings ;)


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Phenomenal set Nige, both parts! I can't believe you didn't send the head on Lapwing back to come in lower so you could have got reflection too, such a slacker 

  • Thanks all.
    Hazy, I'm sure there must be one or two kingfishers in Cornwall for Jim ... if he has time after hunting down all the other things.
    Gaynor, even in this day and age, I sometimes think Councils cut stuff down just because it is cheaper than sending someone out to prune it every few years. Last year, they ripped out all the hawthorns on waste ground near my house for no good reason that I can see and all the birds just left as there is no longer enough cover left for them. So much for environmentally friendly councils!
    PB, I thought about it but discounted it on the grounds of health safety, in case a large pike leapt up and took the low flying Lapwing!


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  • Aw - love the sad robin. And the beautiful shapes of the lapwings. So atmospheric!
    Karen B Suffolk