Langton Lakes, Wiltshire

Had a trip to Langton Lakes today, not been for a little while. There were geese, and tufted ducks, and geese, and about 6-8 Great Crested Grebes, geese, a posse of cormorants, geese, a couple of darters, geese 3 red admiral, a comma and some geese.

GC Grebe

Plus youngsters hitching a ride

an "I'm not sure" duck

A beautifully refreshed robin looking pristine

There were also a number of Great, Blue and Marsh Tit, Goldfinch, and Chaffinch also looking pristine which was nice to see

Some sort of sandpiper (so I was told by a chap in the hide)

And with a Snipe (as I was also told)

And solo


Common (probably) Darter

A comma at the top of a tree

Cormorant being magnificent

And then being less so when his mate comes to visit

A not quite red Red Admiral

A little singy birdie

And did I mention there were geese?