A few from yesterday at high tide on Red Wharf Bay

  • Nice selection of waders, Gaynor. I do like the Curlew standing in solitary splendour. The waders are certainly flooding south at the moment after the breeding season in the Arctic.

    In this photo I think you may have a couple of other species of wader amongst the Redshanks. Possible Little Stints on the left and a couple of what look like Dunlins on the right. My wader ID skills are not that great so I might be wrong.

    Very nice looking place to visit.



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  • Thanks to all, and TJ especially for pointing out that there may be a L. Stint and Dunlin, I really will have to go that way again soon. Looks like the weather will be good tomorrow but I can't get out until a delivery arrives. What a beautiful sunset I saw tonight from my daughter's house where I was baby sitting without a camera grrrrr.

    Lot to learn