Another Kingfisher overdose.

One of our local nature resrves, Far Pastures, has suddenly come back to life after over a year as a bit of a wilderness. The problems have mainly been financial, which resulted in lack of maintenance, particularly to the sluice system. This led to the reserve having far too much water and algae/weed to attract much in the way of widlife. Recently the sluices have been mended, water lvels have dropped clearing mudbanks for waders and algae and weed has cleared, tempting the Kingfishers back especially when the local river rises and muddies up - which has happened a lot this wet summer. This male has been entertaining us for the past week or so and yesterday (21 August) was a particularly good day for light. He visits quite regularly, takes a couple of little fish for himself and then takes one away as a present - the number of visits and takeaways, along with the fact we are only seeing the male, suggests that the female may be sitting on another clutch of eggs. Hopefully juveniles will visit in the near future.




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