Sorry folks,

 experimenting around the garden again yesterday after work

stunningly attractive fly

A pair of Red Admirals

Another fly of some sort

A bee

An intergalactic Falcon Jackdaw Bomber

Grown up Robin

Young Robin

Grown up Robin showing off

Not sure what the yellow is, a secret liaison with a canary maybe?

Young Sparrow

Young(ish) Chaffinch

Charlie and Mrs PB


  • Lovely set of photos PB with good range of species around your garden including handsome Charlie cat ! wonder if the fly is a Green Bottle but not sure what to call the robin with yellow colouring - more than trick of the light maybe as it looks half greenfinch !! Your young robin tag is a House Sparrow I think although oddly enough I don't see many Sparrows. Love the Jackdaw soaring through the air too.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • In reply to HAZY:

    HAZY said:
    Your young robin tag is a House Sparrow

    Thanks Hazel, but Darn it!! (my previous word was asterisked out!!)...I can never get them all right lol (but it has got a hint of yellow about it!!… I was going by the speckled-y breast )

    I wondered about the colouring being pollen or something, like in a previous thread about somethings head (can't remember which bird it was) but it looked fairly

    evenly distributed round it, in several pics

  • Yep a lovely set of photos PB, not sure what's happening with the colour of the underside of the Robin though.

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  • Hello Charlie! A lovely puss cat. Odd re the Robin colouring? Love the conducting collared dove!!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I'll say the same as everyone else, a lovely set of photos, and there's no need to apologise, especially when the quality is so good.

    Love the action shot of the incoming woody pigeon.

    The green on the robin is most likely reflection from something shiny, the fly looks like it could be a crane fly.


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  • Lovely set of photos, especially for the garden. Your fly of some sort is one the Ichneumon wasp family (the "tail" gives it away).

    Mike might well be right about the colour of the Robin - it might even the green of the lawn reflecting back up if it was above the lawn in bright conditions. The other most likely thing is an artefact of the photo. Most digital cameras try to guess the colour scheme and make appropriate adjustments and they don't always get it quite right. This is often called White Balance. This is from a recent trip of mine. This is how the camera saw the scene, which looks ok at first

    But this has had the White Balance corrected and results in a more natural rendering.

    You might have something similar going on giving a slightly strange colour cast.


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  • I don't think the yellowy bit is reflection, because I have another shot where only his bum is in the frame, and there is a definite yellow hint still. One of those imponderables maybe.
  • Nice set of pictures. I tend to agree with Mike B about the green being some reflection or some light interference. Your young Robin (House Sparrow) in the 8th picture has a similar green cast to it. The tail section of the next young Sparrow also shows a tinge of Green, as does the breast of the Chaffinch.




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