RSPB Conwy 08 August 2019

The second of my visits to Conwy, while away in N Wales.

Unlike the previous visit, the sun shone, brilliantly and I was able to walk around the reserve without worry of getting my camera gear wet. It is a lovely walk around the reserve, and often I find more rewarding than sitting in the hides, which are rewarding, even on the dullest of days.

I really must make a more concerted effort to visit a few other reserves around the area, "guilty as charged"!

If I lived closer, the reserve could easily be my second home....

The view down the Conwy Valley, looking at the hills and mountains I was once able to summit, and some camp (responsibly) on and watch nature go about it's business day and night.

Less of the waffle, and now the photos.

As always, a superb view down the valley, any weather. Incidentally, the peak on the left is Moel Eilio, near Dolgarrog, there is a more known Moel Eilio in Snowdonia at Llanberis attached to to the Snowdon Massiff. The peak on the right is "Pen Llithrig y Wrach"; the Hill of the slippery witch!

If you look at the mountain from some places and in some weather conditions, it can look like a witches hat, which is what prompted me to summit it.

RSPB Conwy does a lot working with young people and the local community, so with it being summer holidays, plenty is in place for the youngsters, in mind/in body....

Now the wildlife.

Ruddy Darter, of which there were plenty around.

It's not often you don't get a good photo of a robin, especially if there's some bribery around.

While the bird activity was a little on the quiet side, insect activity was full on.

One of the small ponds that has evolved over time, was particularly busy, in the sun and lots of activity to watch.

Pond Skater, of which there were a few.

Plenty of dragonflies and even damselflies, mating and laying eggs in the water. Look for the tell tale rings on the water surface....

Plenty of ruddy darters....

Common Blue Damsel

And probably the prize photos in this batch, a female Emperor laying egg!

I was a little sceptical about moving closer, for fear of disturbing her.

But after witnessing how little she was disturbed, gave it a try, and was well rewarded.

I can only guess that laying eggs is as energy sapping as giving birth, look at the red streaks, not something I found on the web, but was very prevalent in the photos when I changed the search criteria.

Even the invertebrates were out in force.

Painted Lady


Six Spot Burnet Moth, one species that seems to be very prevalent at Conwy. I just love how those clear wings can look black when the light is right.

If I've any species named incorrectly, please feel free to correct.


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