Remember how many insects there were when the sun was last out???

A lot of grey and wet weather, you can tell it's the school holidays! So, here's a reminder of what it looked like when the sun was last out. I get a lot of nice insects in one of the local reserves based on old gravel pits. It's one of the best places for Ruddy Darters

Why can't all Dragons be as calm as this youngster, who let me point a big camera at him from about 6 inches away and still he never flinched. It's not as if he couldn't see me coming with those huge eyes!

A study in yellow ... or a Gatekeeper on Ragwort if you prefer

Still plenty of other Ragwort feeders around like Cinnabar caterpillars ... who apparently look like they support Wolves, I've recently learned

Painted Ladies continue to be everywhere you look but since I expect it will be a few years before it happens again, you have to fill your boots while you can, don't you?

Look at how many photobombers you get on thistles ... at least two in this shot

The second flight of Common Blues

Perhaps not surprisingly I even got a rare sighting and even rarer photo of an insectivore on the hunt. Alright, it's only a frog, but they don't normally pose for me, especially with a macro lens on the camera.

A mint moth, Pyrausta Aurata


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  • Brilliant pics Nige ... was sunny here today & Butterflies & Bees in great numbers but no pics unfortunately as had lots of gardening to catch up with ... gonna be windy & wet again for next couple of days! Grrrrrr


     2013 photos & vids here

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  • Nigel O said:
    they support Wolves

    I can't see a cinnabar dragging a deer carcass around to the local wolf pack.....ohhh...the other support Wolves 

    Fantastic array as always Nige

  • Great post and photos to brighten up these dull drizzly days that seem to have lingered on too long;  thank goodness we have the Ashes test cricket to occupy us although I feel we are in danger of getting another battering of a different sort !     It's wonderful to have the various insects stay long enough to capture their detail with macro lens;   those huge eyes on the dragonflies make it look like an alien  lol     I found an article HERE about their eyes.     


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Thanks all
    @ WB: there's definitely been no sun today. It almost stopped raining once ... but then, just rained harder instead.
    @ PB: you never know, sitting around on flowers waiting for unsuspecting deer to wander by ... and then they leap out. Obviously it's never been filmed yet, but they're cunning.
    @ Hazy: interesting article. It's impossible to imagine what it would be like to see extra colours, like UV, or to differentiate between polarised light


    Nige   Flickr

  • It was wet/windy/chilly here & no butterflies ... sad! Did see VZ on bramble at local reserve though, flitty as ever!

    Bit of footage to prove I saw it! Lol