A few from today.

Hi folks. I haven't been posting much of late so just a few shots from a wander about at Skateraw / Barns Ness today. I was at the car park waiting for a singing Sedge Warbler to show itself (which it didn't.....not for a photo anyway) when a lovely Pied Wagtail landed on top of the toilet block.

It's always a good place for birds on fence posts, so a few Rooks for you.

Meadow Pipit with a bill-full of juicy goodies for a youngster somewhere.

A nice male Yellowhammer on top of a bush.

It's also a good place to see Skylarks.

It was nice to get a snap of a Whitethroat, a bird I don't really see too often.

Another male Yellowhammer. Not exactly on a fence post, but we'll not quibble over the finer details.

Skylark a bit further along.

And a final Tree Sparrow on the way back.


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