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  • Agreed, Jim, It is definitely lovely here when the weather is good! We've not been abroad since 2010 and that was for family reasons, not birding.

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    James G said:
    Thank you Ann, I have been going for about 28 years and I find new places each year, we had a nice Cottage on the front next door to last years :) and you can see everything sunsets and sunrises and I got a few will add these later, the Castle I have to take because seeing this reminds me of were my wifes ashes are on the highest dune in Seahouses, and when I called up to say hello and all thats private to me I found a casket that was not there last year, and I also meet a man who's wife and dads ashes are up there too and thats were he is going to end up, I said to him well I will meet you in the future then because that swere I am going too.

    Thank you Mike, The pages are flicking over very fast these days, more people are using the forums these days.
    The Puffins are so easy to get its the little ones that can be hard, seeing we were there for two weeks I invited a friend from Leighton Moss and he had a good time, we did not want any money off him but he did pay for a night out and cooked us a meal that was very nice so thenk you Bruce, we had a good time.

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  • New location RSPB Leighton Moss for 7 days, first picture is of some ducking I know what they are I saw the parent but do you :) I do have a picture of the parent too.


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  • I wouldn't have guessed that Jim.
    See you in the morning.

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  • Today or tomorrow Alan :)


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