House Martin eggs

Just thought I would post pics of my lovely house martin egg shells. These are from the higher nest, which is occupied by a pair who returned on time, on April 18th. There are two other nests occupied by very busy housemartins under the lower eaves. They caused me great anxiety as they did not return until May 10th.

I don't know how many eggs in total as I rarely find the eggs from this nest as it is so high, they usually just get blown away or land on the small roof beneath. Luckily, these landed on the path.



  • Thanks for posting your update. Looking at the top photo, and the (so far) peaceful interactions between martins and sparrows, I am wondering/suspecting the sparrows may not be able to get into the nest even if they wanted to. I have noticed a couple of villages in SW that always had lots of house martins but now have very few......all those 'few' nests that are still keeping going each year are up and under some sort of overhang similar to yours.

    Sparrows are causing a nuisance here again this week. There's a half built martin is one of two half built ones that were successful last year, but partially damaged over Winter by sparrows. Martins are wanting to rebuild....male sparrows defending the unusable nest even though they will never nest in it as it is....
  • Thanks Robbo. I must admit I have never seen sparrows attempting to go anywhere near that nest......doesn't mean they haven't of course. Pics of the lower nests below, not very good as dark & raining here. Please excuse state of house, it needs painting after new windows installed :-D

    Sorry to hear your HM are still threatened. 

  • HM stil busy and the yearly mess on my path is now growing :-D. Very easy to scrape up with a shovel and put on the garden. Quick hose down every now and then as well. Found the top of an egg shell on the lower path but think it must have blown down from the higher nest. Too soon for the lower pair to be at that stage.