So long and thanks for all the fish :)

This quote from Douglas Adams' could also be applied to my garden birds. Yesterday was the first day in months that I have not had to refill the Sunflower hearts feeders during the day. In fact I haven't even had to fill them today. I suspected this day might come soon as lately I haven't had much sighting of female Siskins - usually just half a dozen males. I am assuming that there has been a sudden burst of nestlings in the area and the birds are making merry with the abundance of St Mark's flies and Mayflies etc to feed the youngsters. Hopefully in a short while I will be inundated with juveniles




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  • We're still getting quite a few birds, particularly a pair of robins always together, visiting our feeders. But I'm expecting things to quieten down a bit as the warmer weather comes and the insects become more prolific.


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  • Despite the abundance of St Mark's flies I am still filling up the sunflower hearts, last year I had decided to stop the feeding during the summer but this year so far the birds have seemed to still need the help. I don't get the Siskins but have noticed a few Greenfinches coming in, along with a few Goldies so that explains the emptying of the containers. Also the young Robin likes to sit underneath and get the dropped bits the other birds discard. So I have just bought another sack!!!!!

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