Crows attacking red squirrels

Hello all

Here where we live in the Paris region, we are lucky enough to have a pair of red squirrels making daily visits to our mature ash tree and eating the fruit. We only moved in 6 months ago, but we believe the squirrels have been here for a few years. 

Over the last few days, however, on several occasions, we have seen a crow attacking the squirrels as soon as they appear on the tree. There have always been crows around, but fairly rarely in this particular tree. There's definitely no nest site within the tree, but there may be one not far off. 

The ash tree provides our squirrels with a major source of food and we're worried that they may desert our garden completely if this continues. 

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts or possible solutions? 

Thanks in advance!

  • A territorial struggel for a perceived shared food source perhaps, cigaline?

    And perhaps the crow is feeling the pressure from another competitor?

    No solutions though. It's hard to take sides when one likes both crows and squirrels...

    All the best -
  • You could always put up a Squirrel feeder, cigalene. You're lucky to have Red Squirrels as in most of England the Reds have been pushed out by the Grey Squirrels which we regard as a pest.

    Not sure where you can get them In France but I think have a selection.



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  • Thanks Dave and Tony - been a bit busy with work so haven't had much chance for nature watching. No sign of the squirrels recently, however we've been treated to a display from the great tits and blue tits in the big ash outside our window - chasing each other about and the parents are still feeding their young! Fantastic to watch.
  • Nice to have that in your own home, cigaline.

    Tony's idea of a squirrel feeder is much better than mine.

    If NHBS have them, I've found their shipping to Switzerland faultless and affordable.