Dazzling Damsels and Dragons 2019

  • As ever, lots of stunning photos folks.

    A few, and though I say it myself, "some stunning" photos of dragons and damsels, on a recent visit to RSPB Conwy.

    Ruddy Darter, of which there were quite a few.

    Common Blue


    Though it is nature, and undisturbed, going about its reproductive business.

    Probably my most spectacular, is this female Emperor.

    I was sceptical at first about getting too close for fear of disturbing, but she seemed unphased of what was going on around, so ?I got closer as you will see.

    Just look at those veins, she must be pushing hard to get those eggs out.


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  • @ Hazel, I have just got back home after 7 hours its a long drive and would you believe it we went to Tintagel yesterday so do have some pictures of thar new bridge I will have to get them off the camera tomorrow.

    @ Nige, I will be spending a lot of time down there and in time might move down just got to make sure its the right thing to do, going back with a girlfriend who gave me a Son 31 years ago and its like we never parted.


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  • A Ruddy Darter I think from yesterday at Holme Bird Observatory.



  • Male Black Darter

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  • There aren't many Damsels left flying, although a few Emeralds were around at the weekend

    However, the sun over the weekend brought the dragons out in numbers again - loads of Ruddy Darters

    The red eyes ... aargh!!!

    A mating wheel

    At one point I had five pairs flying along the sides of the pool in front of me and in addition there were several single males pestering them. With that many options, you have to try for in-flight shots, although they were in the long grass rather than over the water, which didn't help. A lot end up on the cutting room floor, but here are the more successful ones

    Fancy being able to put your legs up over your shoulders

    And about the only Hawker I've seen settled - a rather tatty Brown Hawker


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  • It was a slow start but it seems you have all been doing really well with the darters, hawkers etc., thanks for enabling me to see and admire them all.

    Lot to learn

  • Blimey...I found this thread on page 11..... I guess they're on the wane, but not at Ham Wall yesterday..

  • Good to see they are still active, PB. Looks like a nice mixture of Ruddy and Common Darters as well as Migrant Hawkers.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thanks for the ID's Tony, the Ham Wall blog says they will still be abundant there until the frost has its way.

  • just three from my local park whlst i walk the mutts.....

    99% of my photos are just out with the mutts in springwater park, between whitefield and radcliffe north manchester, thankfully allowed to be self managed mainly by nature allowing a large variety of species.....