Roe Deer, Toad, Water Rail, Wren, Teal and Barn Owl

I spent this morning at he same reserve i visited yesterday and I was in search of the Otter that had been in eating the Toads. When I say eating the Toads that is a bit of a misrepresentation - the Otter actually only eats the back legs as I guess most of the rest is poisonous. As you can guess the banks of he pond are littered with remains. Hopefully most of the Toads managed to spawn before the decimation but there certainly were not many left intact.

While waiting for the Otter, which din't show while I was there from 7:00am until 12 noon, we saw distant Water Rail, Roe Deer, Wren and Teal.

I was treated to a Barn Owl on my drive home later in the evening.




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