Three New Species in the garden today.

Following on from the recent arrival of the Siskins - there are now at least 3 pairs visiting regularly - there were 3 new arrivals in the garden today:

A solitary Redpoll

A pair of Brambling though I only caught the female 

A pair of Greenfinch.





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  • There seems to have been a shortage of Redpolls around this winter for some reason - I've hardly seen any in the usual places, so you're lucky to get some posing in the garden for you.


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  • Wow your feeders are busy Bob. Love to get the Brambling here but even the Greenfinches are low in number this year. Lovely pics.

    Lot to learn

  • Nice shots, Bob. You've done better than me this winter. No Redpolls or Bramblings and only one brief visit by a Siskin



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