Your best 3 photos for the month of February 2019

It's that time again for your best three photos. Looking forwards to seeing them.

The best of January thread is Here for 2019

My three


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  • Very nice, Jim. 

    It's a tricky choice for me, this month, as I have been fortunate enough to have had a few memorable photo-shoots and I have about a dozen short-listed entries! However, I certainly can't leave out the low level close-up view of a Little Grebe, taken in a local park.

    I think I'll include one of the Pennington Rails as I like the archetypal tail-up pose and because I normally get them with 'orrible cluttered backgrounds so this is a nice change.

    I've been trying for a good in-flight Lapwing for ages and I really like the golden background reed bed in this one taken at Leighton Moss.

    Possibly a bit of an eclectic personal choice from me, then, but there you go :)


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  • Great selection of photos from you all; I took a lot more photos this month than last and got some decent ones in good light at Leighton Moss but if I had to choose my favourite for February it would be the surprise close encounter with the Common Buzzard in Tatton Park as it's not often you pass so close to this raptor and can use the car as a hide !!
    All three, therefore, are of the unforgettable views of this young Buzzard .........      this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to get so very close.  


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Wow, some stunners from all of you. Nothing very special from me this month unfortunately.

    Pretty female Reed Bunting.

    From the sublime ............

    ......... to the ridiculous. I think this immature Grey Heron needed a few lessons from his cousin.



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  • Very nice everyone, and Tony, no matter how many time I see that picture of the Egret the more I love it.


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  • A little late this month but so many fabulous pictures from everyone so far. My 3 are not the best of pictures as all the birds were at the limits of my little camera but are of species I have not seen before and in the case of the Tree Sparrow not for soo many years I dare not count.

    Shore Lark on Holkham Beach

    Arctic Redpoll, Mealy Redpoll & Common Redpoll at Sculthorpe Moor.

    Tree Sparrow at Ouse Washes


  • Jim, I love the robins and mealworm, though I'm sure they weren't sharing or feeding each other, TJ, I still can't get over  the egret biting off more than it can chew, or should I say swallow, especially after seeing the heron with a nibble in comparison.

    Everyone else, as always, a fabulous selection of photos and a pleasure to see.

    February was a bit of a quiet month for me photo-wise, but here goes with my three.

    A Snowdonia winter wonderland, Afon Idwal and Y Garn in the background.

    The abnormal warm spell of February brought out a lot of insects from hibernation, as you can see with this hoverfly, complete with pollen sacks, visiting a snowdrop at Baddesley Clinton.

    And my most exciting one, my first ever viewing of Egyptian Geese at RSPB Middleton Lakes.


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  • @ tony, sadly only the first picture is showing here?

    @ Mike, nice pictures, and the Robins are not sharing food the Male is courting the female so giving her some food this is to say pick me and I will bring food to you while brooding the eggs and I will look after you :)


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  • Thanks Jim and yes, I'd forgotten it's mating season (I need to get out more), which explains the placid look on the faces.

    Still a nice pic, and Mrs PR Likes it too.


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