Barn Owls 21 & 22 February 2019.

Yesterday my wife and I went for a walk from the village up onto the moor and back down again.

I was busy taking this picture of a Mistle Thrush

When I noticed a large seagull heading towards me so i carried on with the Thrush. Almost too ate I realised that it wasn't a Gull when it turned and showed a much broader wing - a Barn Owl which flew off and hunted somewhere else.

After we got back home i decided to go out and see if there was anything about locally. As I passed one of the farms i got a glimpse slow flapping white wings and had located my 2nd Barn Owl of the day.

After a few trips around the field it disappeared and I waited until the sun went down,

This evening I went out for another drive around the locality and bumped into yet another Barn Owl, marking the 4th different Barn Owl I have seen in the last week - quite special really as 3 of them are with 6 miles of where we live.

Now all I need to do is track down one of those Tawny Owls that I can hear all night long. Riural living has its benefits




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