Half an hour and I picked up these bird songs:

Working in my garden office there's been a bird song that, for me anyway, reminds me that Spring is on its way. Very much a novice with identifying bird songs, I decided to download an app today which automatically identifies birds based on their sounds. So I'm delighted to say, within half an hour, this is what was picked up:


Great tit - this is the beauty that reminds me of Spring!

Blackbird (alarm call)

Long-tailed tit song

Chaffinch ping call

Blue tit call

Collard dove song

Yellowhammer song

Robin song

Coal tit song

I think I may have picked up a new hobby! Just had to share with the world!

  • Welcome to the community Birdy.
    That is an impressive list for half an hour, you may not have told the world but it's a good start posting on here LOL.

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  • Thanks Alan! I'm going to look for a cheap microphone I can feed through my window so it can pick up bird songs rather than me tapping away on the keyboard!
  • Your garden must be full of birds if you heard that many in only half an hour. You feel spring is just round the corner when all the birds start singing.
    I don't know what app you used but I would be a bit wary of blindly accepting the identification without also seeing the bird.
    I've got Warblr on my phone and I just tested it against a recording of a Blackcap. It came up with 94% Song Thrush, 21% Blue Tit, 10% Blackbird, 9% Wren and 9% Chaffinch so not very impressive.



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  • Hello BBB, welcome from me up in the very far north of Scotland, in Caithness. That is an impressive list in only half an hour. A good hobby indeed that you have picked , if would be lovely for you to see these birds as well as hear them. Enjoy.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.