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Hopefully people who will fight for Wildlife.

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  • About half an hour ago I posted that link to my Local RSPB Group Website along with another interesting link to an article about the plan to reintroduce Golden Eagles to Wales. That subject about Golden Eagles being reintroduced in Wales will be broadcast as part of a programme called Countryfile Winter Diaries on Tuesday 19th February from 9.15am-10.00am next week. If your unable to watch that programme on that occasion, of course you’ll be able to watch that episode from that series next week on the BBC iPlayer.



  • In reply to THOMO:

    Thanks for the info Ian I'll certainly catch that.

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  • Interesting website.

    However, while we have politicians and money people railroading their projects through (HS2 being a classic example) at any cost, nature sadly is on a loosing stride.

    But that doesn't mean stop fighting for nature.

    Hopefully one day, those in power will really listen and act positively, but I doubt in my lifetime.


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